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Feb 27, 2014 7:00pm PST
counterpart sergei lavrov and had to drop off and reaffirm that those military exercise on ukraine's border were previously scheduled visit is that the way you can read the situation you can get in holland always remember if you want to communicate. and one of all time. the key is colic know it's extremely important when you came across ukraine is in front front room. richardson has been recorded on him new defensive position. some extent. o lord. mccain has been torn cost of billions into two groups the country according to success. really cute. most old will form one to take up to the soviet union. beginning the boat and the more clicks. and though something new. practice is for cold. the unwanted three kickoffs for them. i really don't know if it's true. i asked americans to show you one. which has become independent and before the soviet union and one. and into today. the russians have not really except in between i think it's it's it's up to boom times. we don't need kids to use the lies the aggressive dropped to one four. the same townn so far wed looked interesting e
Mar 5, 2014 7:00pm PST
the question differently to them ok do you think that i'm having john kerry and sergei lavrov working together to try to get everyone around the table he's important war. these improvements just a waste of time and it's not a change yes it's important as long as they have settled for something if they didn't set so we cannot sucks though because i mean. he follows with the task and linda thompson once they have an agenda that they follow an insane for the most of the opposition of necessity be undertaken as i'm not that bad and that it says and does that make me follow soon and it did that day because i could not separate and that's the easy mountain ash and palate with second on twenty two team. the sunset there you agree. yes they do already an agreement on on that score as well. i'm going for though this does not bode well and spirit unfortunately the tragedy of the syrian people who come to know beyond all these talks back to politics to human lives there the people suffer and the bases god knows how many hundreds of thousands die in the next two years it's also about how it goes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2